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Imagine the Berlin Wall never fell. Imagine that West Berlin, as we know it today, had become a self-sufficient isolated city-state, left unto its own devices. Imagine the metropolitan landscape of Berlin having zero contact with the known world for three decades and how it would evolve in this vacuum. In short, this is our “Inner District”.

The year is 2020. Three decades after Berlin has been sealed-off from the rest of the continent, heir apparent Maya Fuchs casts the Inner District into chaos when she abdicates the throne to investigate the sudden disappearance of her father, the city-state’s divine leader.

Maya realizes she must choose to be that very person of destiny expected of her family name. She begins to make that inexorable turn towards the job at hand, and to become the person she was always meant to be.

Producers’ statement:

Juliane and Adam were both outsiders to the Spree metropolis but the possibility of doing up a film in the city intrigued the hell out of both of them. Berlin, given its controversial backstory was just too hard to resist. “I just loved how Berlin was rife with conflict,” Juliane would later say. “As a filmmaker this was prime narrative territory.” That Juliane was German had no bearing on the matter either. “Berlin is the quintessential anti-Germany for almost all Germans. For me, personally, I was actually looking for a setting where I could be in my own cultural milieu, yet shoot a film in English for immediate international acceptance.” Berlin fit the bill perfectly. Adam, meanwhile, had lived in a post-Communist context for several years in Prague, but the concept of being in a city that was the epicenter of the world’s problems was intriguing. “I loved being somewhere where one wrong move could have resulted in catastrophe for the whole globe. And with this film I thought to myself, what if we could toy with the idea that Berlin’s division still existed. What if the Wall never fell, how would the city look?” Age the city by a couple of decades, adding a dictatorial twist and — voila! — The Inner District was born.

We will produce one of the first-ever indie sci-fi thrillers in Berlin using the German capital not only as backdrop, but as protagonist.

The Inner District will be shot in English language for an international audience.

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