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It’s been more than a couple of days since Potsdam, and we’ve been going through a bit of withdrawal.

Juliane and I thought it was high time to formally thank everyone who came out to assist us and be a part of this journey…which continues onward into the Berlin winter through to March 2013, when we are planning to mount the full feature. Who’s excited?

Let’s formally announce who made it out:


Make-up Artist: Victoria Hölscher
1st AD: Jonas Teitge
DP: Norman Metz
Camera Assistant: Paul Gredig
Sound: Matthias Gauerke
Wardrobe/Production Coordinator: Ella Nut
Producer of Marketing and Distribution/Transmediaist: Xavier Agudo


HRH Maya Fuchs: Mette Lysdahl
Shotty: Nina Tratz
Kai: Martin Kaps
Axel: Martin Moeller

The trailer was a microcosm of what we can expect to see during March’s principal photography, and was delightful to see how totally engrossed everyone was in just this single day’s shoot. That’s dedication…

Let’s talk a bit about our amazing actors, who are mouthing our lines and making “incarnate” the characters who — for us — and only a short little while ago, were merely words on a page and thoughts in our heads.

The dogged desire on the part of the actors to dig deeply into their characters’ backstories, to do that magical thing actors seem to do, to internalize what it must be like to live in our District — thirty years from 1990 — when a historical event — Wall Fall — supposedly didn’t transpire… all that takes a ton of guts and technical wizardry and Mette, Nina, and both of the Martins cast their spells. All I have to say is look out for the feature! This is going to be awesome. The Alexa captured each of the actors’ performances masterfully and Norman and Paul hammered it.

The trailer required a lot of emotional investment from the players in the course of a single day, so many compliments go out to our foursome for being so consummately professional about how they executed.

And now for our crew…

Thank you so much to Daniela, Xavier, Jonas, Matthias, Victoria, and most especially Norman & Paul (as a team) who expertly captured the images (film quality!) and kept the actors comfortable, warm (Daniela and Victoria!), and well-fed. The entire experience wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Everyone was available at the drop of a hat within a day’s notice and while we’ve thanked a lot of you personally, it bears mentioning again: you are the glue that held the unit intact. Thank you for making the soldierly march with us clear from the morning:

** from — OMG!!! — hauling all the heavy equipment and gear the two or so kilometers to the first exterior location at the nearly crack of dawn.
** from lasting with us and remaining fresh throughout the entire day at the Film Villa.
** from gelling so amazingly well with almost zero hiccups over the course of the day. Thank you for making this so easy for Juliane and I.

We’d love to work with all of you again for the feature and Juliane and I will be gunning with all of our rockets to make our March 2013 shoot a reality. This is what we’re gunning towards and we’ll be updating you on our progress in the coming weeks as we strive to recreate The Inner District‘s universe.

Here’s what you might enjoy keeping tabs on (at the Fan Page):

** knocking out the trailer edit and devoting the next several weeks to getting it in ship-shape for the public. Date TBA.
** further casting choices to round out the supporting roles…people who you have yet to see in the trailer. For those who we’ve talked to…you already know who you are.
** “extra-diagetic” content from the trailer set in advance of the trailer’s release, courtesy of transmedia-ist Xavier Agudo. You’ll enjoy watching this footage in advance of the trailer — in case you’re keen on seeing what went on behind-the-scenes (BTS) before the trailer sees the light of day.

And — most importantly — to all our investors who will be reading these updates over the coming weeks, should you need specific materials from the trailer shoot or for any additional concerns, please email Tall Small Productions


Now let’s do this thing…


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