22nd Oct

IMPROV FILM PROJECT | Lucky Day 7 | Coming Full-Circle…Back to Stettiner Strasse

What a trip…seven days around the Berlin galaxy on the good ship...

19th Oct

IMPROV FILM PROJECT | Day 4 | Friedrichshain, East Berlin, Former Paradise On Earth

Day 4 of Improv Film Project found the unit this time doing...

18th Oct

IMPROV FILM PROJECT | Day 3 | Kreuzberg und (and) Schönhauser Allee, Berlin

  Good things in our business typically come in threes, and Day...

18th Oct

IMPROV FILM PROJECT | Day 2 | Alexanderplatz, Former East Berlin, Former Worker’s Paradise

Very good second shooting day – mostly at Alexanderplatz, here in the...

16th Oct

Xavier Agudo’s IMPROV FILM PROJECT | DAY 1 of the shoot…

This is what we looked like after a full day and afternoon...