IMPROV FILM PROJECT | Day 3 | Kreuzberg und (and) Schönhauser Allee, Berlin

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Marcel Romeijn as "Josh" | Improv Film Project | 

Good things in our business typically come in threes, and Day 3 of principal photography on Xavier Agudo’s Improv Film Project held fast to this cinematic rule of thumb, or dictum, depending on your preferred level of lexical complexity.

Third day of production brought us to four — count ‘em! — separate locations around the Spree burg. Inner District joined the well-oiled unit towards the end of its live-long day, succeeding in securing series of nice videos, snaps, and interviews that you’ll shortly be able to feast your gelatinous peeps on just as soon we chop and slice and upload.

Pictured above is Sir Marcel Romeijn as “Josh,” washing his hands of the matter, as t’were, clean shaven, taking a fresh start after daring to go the distance…well, it’s not like we’ll be the ones to spoil it for you! I guess you’ll just have to wait for the cookie. That creamy nougat filling. Those soft folds insid—okay, we’ll put a fucking cork in it, but brace yourselves for this bit of wicked extra-diagetic content (aka “the shit that’s part of the movie that doesn’t make it into the actual movie”) that’ll be flooding the space in good time, dear boy, in good time. Day 3 was a gold mine of the stuff.

What we’ll do, then – as has been our wont for the past couple of days – is to throw in a handful of choice images from the shooting day, slapdashing with a wee bit of commentary, as a kind of condiment-like flavoring, before you take the full currywurst whole hog and lubeless up the backside.

Here we go…

Stephen Patrick Hannah as "Gotti" & Marcel Romeijn as "Josh" | #ImprovFilmProject | |

The Inside Scoop: by this point in the story, Josh is getting pretty low in spirits. What you see in the scene above was their second encounter in Improv Film Project’s narrative – Gotti and Josh, that is – and we join them in the middle of a good old-fashioned chinwag (or as Stephen liked to call it, “brogue”). Don’t expect me to tell you what they were yammering on about, but I can tell you this: Gotti played the ultimate cooler. Channel Castillo from the original Miami Vice…you know, Michael Mann’s original, and you get a pretty good idea what I mean. The dialogue is improvised, as you know, at all times, and Marcel surprised ALL of us at the end with a little thing he did. We here at TID like this shot very much…one of the better ones from the day.


This is Bobby Avilés | #ImprovFilmProject | |

This is Bobby Avilés. He’s a Tattoo Artist at Conexion, in Prenzlauer Berg, on one of its most important thoroughfares, Schönhauser Allee 104. He was a key player in the scene below…


Bobby Avilés, Dharmander Singh (as "Luci"), and Marcel Romeijn (as "Josh") | "#ImprovFilmProject | |

…and what a scrumptious little scene it was! These three really worked splendidly off each other. So ab-fab natural. So chipper. So fucking ballsy! Thanks again to the deft (and painted!) owners and operators of Conexion HQ for letting our team squat at their place of business after-hours to snag the truly amazing footage. Check out the artwork on the walls…these are the same kids who spend their hard-won hours designing some of the eye candy that makes it into some of the premier magazines in the world. Fuck us…jayzus…

Conexion Berlin | Conexion Berlin | Conexion Berlin | Conexion Berlin | Conexion Berlin | Conexion Berlin |

And here’s a selection of images from the rest of the day…

Stephen Patrick Hannah plays "Gotti" | | "#ImprovFilmProject | | Juliane Block (@jblockbuster) | "#ImprovFilmProject | | Action! | "#ImprovFilmProject | | Action! | "#ImprovFilmProject | | Clean Shaven...Stephen Patrick Hannah (as "Gotti") shaving Marcel Romeijn's "Josh" | "#ImprovFilmProject | | Marcel Romeijn plays "Josh," our protagonist | "#ImprovFilmProject | | Dharmander Singh plays "Luci" | "#ImprovFilmProject | | Assorted characters at Conexion Berlin ( | "#ImprovFilmProject | | Restless crew | "#ImprovFilmProject | | Twan Melssen (DP), Juliane Block (@jblockbuster, 1st Camera), and Director Xavier Block (@xagudo) have a little pow-wow about the next scene | "#ImprovFilmProject | | Bobby, Marcel, and Dharmander in the middle of their scene | "#ImprovFilmProject | | Behind Camera for the last scene of Day 3 | "#ImprovFilmProject | | Bobby, Marcel, and Dharmander do their scene | "#ImprovFilmProject | | Bobby, Marcel, and Dharmander in the middle of their scene | "#ImprovFilmProject | | Marcel getting some kip and a shag before the big scene, this was the scene to start the day | "#ImprovFilmProject | |


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