IMPROV FILM PROJECT | Day 4 | Friedrichshain, East Berlin, Former Paradise On Earth

On October 19, 2012 by PMD-For-Hire

Marcel Romeijn, who plays "Josh" | #ImprovFilmProject | |

Day 4 of Improv Film Project found the unit this time doing principal photography in the quaint little Berlin burb of Friedrichshain, in the Former East Berlin, Former Worker’s Paradise, Former Best Place On Earth. Yeah. Whatever…

Pictured above is Marcel Romeijn, our protagonist on this little indie flicker picture, and a very photogenic sort of chum. We’re chuffed as all get-out to have him aboard and he’s the reason why we’re presently entertaining five-figure offers for the distribution contract. Man, this beer is good…

Anyways, we rounded out the day at La Casa Del Ron, The House of Rum, where Stephen Patrick Hannah (as “Gotti”), Dharmander Singh (as “Luci,” pronounced “Lucky “), and Marcel himself, as protagonist “Josh” had their final tête-à-tête over drinks, straws, spitballs, water goblets filled to the brim with lemon wedges, fried little Cuban things, steiner of beer, and some damn tasty scarf, which basically went uneaten by the cast (more for us, then?).

Check out our homage to Scorsese’s Mean Streets or Cassavetes’ The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, with these behind-the-scenes red-tinged amazingnesses:

 Stephan Patrick Hannah plays "Gotti" on Day 4 | #ImprovFilmProject | | Dharmander Singh plays "Luci" on Day 4 | #ImprovFilmProject | | THE BOYS: Stephen Patrick Hannah ("Gotti"), Marcel Romeijn (as "Josh") & Dharmander Singh (as "Luci") | #ImprovFilmProject | |

So what did we basically learn from the experience today? What were our takeaways?

  • Xavier Agudo’s actors are positively stellar, professionally-trained, and mega-inventive. They have an ability to improvise on the spot like Marty McFly riffing in Back To the Future.
  • Xavier’s players admire each other, quite. The crew is convinced that Luci and Josh – in the movie as well as possibly IRL — are deeply involved in an intimate male-on-male consensual open relationship. Perfectly acceptable here, don’t get us wrong and we actually encourage the spread of this in Berlin society. Besides, anyone who challenges us on this, we will have words with you! Words, we say!
  • Xavier and Line Producer Alexandra Von Der Heyde did a fabulous reccie/location scout job during pre-pro. They appear to have found a bevy of very suitable spots which form the world of Improv Film Project. That’s what happens when you have a lot of great Berlin friends and contacts.
  • our actors are very vocal about their portrayals and were able to do their takes and immediately proceed to assist us with our behind-the-scenes commentaries.
  • everybody seems to love everyone else. We’re like a ‘70s hippie commune on Haight-Ashbury, without the reefer, the bad trips, and odors. And since this is 2012, we use condoms (or other prophylactic devices, NOT the rhythm method!) to protect our respective awesome genitalia against unseemly growths or other creepy-crawly “gifts that keep on giving.”

Okay, we’ll stop, but feast your eyes on these…


Stephen Patrick Hannah (as "Gotti") , Marcel (as "Josh") & Dharmander (as "Luci") | #ImprovFilmProject | | Day 4 is over! | #ImprovFilmProject | | Ella Nut | #ImprovFilmProject | | 1st Camera Juliane Block (@jblockbuster) | #ImprovFilmProject | | Dharmander Singh (as "Luci") | #ImprovFilmProject | | Stephen Patrick Hannah (as "Gotti"), 1st Camera Juliane Block (@jblockbuster) in the background | #ImprovFilmProject | | La Casa Del Ron/The House of Rum | | #ImprovFilmProject | | La Casa Del Ron/The House of Rum | | #ImprovFilmProject | | La Casa Del Ron/The House of Rum | | #ImprovFilmProject | | La Casa Del Ron/The House of Rum | | #ImprovFilmProject | | La Casa Del Ron/The House of Rum | | #ImprovFilmProject | | La Casa Del Ron/The House of Rum | | #ImprovFilmProject | | La Casa Del Ron/The House of Rum | | #ImprovFilmProject | | La Casa Del Ron/The House of Rum | | #ImprovFilmProject | | Stephen Patrick Hannah (as "Gotti") with 1st Camera Juliane Block (@jblockbuster) and Sound Man Yaccopo Vannini to the right | #ImprovFilmProject | | Director Xavier Agudo (@xagudo) | #ImprovFilmProject | | Stephen Patrick Hannah (as "Gotti"), Marcel Romeijn (as "Josh") & Dharmander Singh (as "Luci") | #ImprovFilmProject | |

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