15th Aug

Scouting shooting locations in Berlin

Random impressions from various locations throughout Berlin. Let us know which ones...

11th Aug
Screen Shot 2012-08-11 at 2.04.50 PM

How to link your WordPress Account to Twitter

Ever wondered how you can save time on getting all your social...

09th Aug

Indie film “Berlin-style” | the next TEDxBerlin speech?

After being out the game for about 24h with some bizarre sudden...

08th Aug

Who’s on crew? | Part 2: Always have your smartphone!

Are you a fan of the smartphone revolution? Do you constantly prance...

06th Aug

Knowing your material cold, without the need for notes?

Juliane and I were brainstorming last night (Sunday) on our passion project...

05th Aug

Finding your writing sweet spot…

Not sure about you, but I’m a very routinized writer. Routines are...

03rd Aug

On Location at Berlin’s old AEG (in Wedding)

Getting down and gritty at Berlin’s old AEG military-industrial complex. Now gentrified...

03rd Aug

Who’s on crew? (1) The importance of a staff editor

I’ve got a new five-pack of articles in the pipeline entitled “Who’s...

02nd Aug
ADM along with Juliane Block | http://jblockbuster.com, director of The Inner District (http://theinnerdistrict.com)

How do *you* brainstorm? (5) Working with a script partner

One of the things I’ve missed most being directly involved in writing...