01st Aug

How do *you* brainstorm? (4) Can you boil your story down?

Can you boil your film’s central premise down to two sentences? Can...

01st Aug

How do *you* brainstorm? (3) Location reccies

One of the best things I’ve enjoyed thus far on prep for...

01st Aug

How do *you* brainstorm? (2) Audience engagement

For those who have recently asked by email, rest assured this isn’t...

31st Jul

How do *you* brainstorm? (1) Tools of the trade

Yes indeed, even your PMD gets down and dirty with the hardcore...

31st Jul

Atop the Flakturm in Wedding, Berlin…

From atop Wedding’s Flakturm or “flak tower” in Berlin, I talk a...

25th Jul

Director | producer Juliane Block (JB | JBlockbuster)

My filmmaking career started in Germany as special fx make-up artist on...

25th Jul

Screenwriter | producer Adam Daniel Mezei (ADM | PMDForHire)

Adam Daniel Mezei is a Toronto-based Producer of Marketing and Distribution (PMD) and screenwriter/author. He...

25th Jul

Composer Richard Bretschneider

Based close to the centre for media Cologne, Germany, Richard Bretschneider creates...

25th Jul

Transmedia-ist Xavier Agudo

Xavier Agudo (ex) is a Berlin-based Venezuelan filmmaker. Sound Engineer, B.A. in...