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On December 4, 2012 by PMD-For-Hire

(Jade Xu, World Wushu Champion, and head of the Peace Enforcers).

The Inner District pledge rewards have arrived!

Reward parcels were sent out last week and most of our fans and colleagues have already received their packages as part of our successful October Indiegogo campaign. Co-sponsored by Gründer Garage and Google, The Inner District was part of a select group of Germany- and Berlin-based entrepreneurs who secured a high-enough “GoGo Factor” in addition to having made their respective targets that Google generously doubled their overall takes up to a limit of 10,000 EUR.

For the record, Juliane and I managed to raise 7,770 EUR in total (around 10,000 USD(, which will be put to excellent use this coming December 12, 2012 (Wednesday) as part of our first-ever trailer shoot for the feature. Monies have also gone to defray several of our production expenses at this early stage of development, with the results being ground back into the finished product come principal photography in March 2013.

We have a small request…

Some of you might have received t-shirts, others hoodies, and still others some of the original wardrobe Ms. Block and I wore as part of Webisode 1: SCAPEGOAT (you can see some of the original post-shoot photos here). Others may not have gone for the clothing and leapt instead at the chance to see Juliane’s full oeuvre or receive a consulting session with me on the state of their indie marketing and distribution efforts.

Well now we’d like to get some of you dressed for the occasion…

All those who received clothing parcels from us, would you be so kind as to grab a photo of yourself wearing some of those items, then post the photo to our fan site? We designed these items with you in mind — now we want to see the results of our handiwork!

Tease us a bit and mix and match colors.

If you live in a city with prominent landmarks, grab a snap in front of a popular monument, regardless of whether you’re wearing:

** the Rebel Tagger’s logo.
** the Fuchsian Codex, or
** the Peace Enforcers’ QR code (“Fight as one. Die as one!”).

We’re going to be assembling a little collage once we receive a few more submissions — including our own.

We’ll post ours there as well…so see you there!

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