Soundtrack Webisode ‘Scapegoat’

On September 17, 2012 by JBlockbuster

Soundtrack compilation of our first webisode ‘Scapegoat’.
Composer: Richard Bretschneider

Watch ‘Scapegoat’ Part I on Youtube:
Watch ‘Scapegoat’ Part II on Youtube:

Imagine the Berlin Wall never fell. Imagine that West Berlin, as we know it today, had become a self-sufficient isolated city-state, left unto its own devices. Imagine the metropolitan landscape of Berlin having zero contact with the known world for three decades and how it would evolve in this vacuum. In short, this is our “Inner District”.

The Inner District typifies a new way to shoot, finance, and self-release budget-irrelevant independent pictures which embody a strong entrepreneurial DIY spirit.

These pre-release webisodes give you an idea what the Inner District is about. You want to see the full feature?


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