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On November 22, 2012 by PMD-For-Hire

The pace is picking up on the approach towards our feature shoot come March 2013. The heart starts to beat a little bit faster around this time of year and the stress levels start to rise. Making films is like few other businesses in the world — and it’s SUCH hard work — but the results are so worth it.

As we make the necessary preparations and sew up all the budgetary loose ends, Juliane and I have been preparing a series of sponsorship opportunities for participation in the movie and that’s what I’d wanted to talk to you about today.

We’re in search of partners to come aboard at ground level on the film and avail themselves of a chance to become exclusive sponsors of the picture and bolt themselves onto the first-ever indie sci-fi film to be shot in Berlin — in English — to our knowledge. In fact, we’re still waiting for someone to debunk that bold claim, and with all the promotion which has taken place up to now, there have been no comers so we’re going to continue saying it until someone stops us. There has been a considerable amount of fan interest for the project, and we’ve noticed the interest trickles in in a variety of forms, namely…

** people who are interested in Berlin, including people who have visited the city before or who are planning to visit.
** fans of German indie films shot in the capital.
** fans of beautiful mixed architecture, with slapdashes of the new and old at the same time. Especially the post-Communist stuff.
** our sci-fi “high concept,” which has pulled in a number of interested parties up to this point.
** fans of my work as PMD or Juliane’s filmography and track record.

What do we mean exactly by sponsorship?

There are two sorts: the obvious product choices, and the not-so-obvious choices, depending on whether the sponsorship is a pure “product placement,” or whether the promotional opportunity is a bit more elaborate and involved.

Obvious product choices include things like:

** product placement, drinks and consumer goods like food, hair care, or toothpaste.
** obvious things actually written into a screenplay in order to satisfy a marketer.

Non-obvious categories:

** using the company’s products functionally, without brand names necessarily showing up.
** examples include: grappling hooks, high-tensible wires, rubber manufacturers for shoe soles and the like, camera equipment, or perhaps even car parts.

In this latter case, basically anything which isn’t readily visible or which stands out to the naked eye. The things you’d have to be told about, rather than the things which are clear-cut cases.

Juliane and I have structured a sliding scale series of sponsorship “trânches” — with features and benefits — much like you’d see on a crowdfunding campaign, things which rise in value and significance the higher the contribution amount.

At the top of the pyramid, of course, is the chance to be the flagship sponsor of the entire movie, with all our actors and crew making use of the products, accordingly, within the feature itself, in addition to off-camera and as part of the behind-the-scenes/extra-diagetic material which we’ll be shooting all-around as well. As the amounts decrease, would-be sponsors compromise more exclusive status for other sorts of benefits which they can leverage in their own outgoing marketing.

The specifics of all this can be found in a PDF which Juliane and I have prepared and we’d like to make it available to those who are more than game.

Details at info@tallsmallproductions.com.

We have a few samples we’ll be shooting in the next two weeks. As soon as those are done, I’ll post them here and you can compare/contrast.

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