The Inner District needs you! Talent Search 2012!

On September 20, 2012 by JBlockbuster

Welcome to Berlin!

Our film, The Inner District, a science-fiction thriller in English language for an international audience shot in Berlin, is shooting in the spring (tentatively March 2013) and we’re presenting casting for the roles as follows:

LEAD ACTRESS, MAYA, 20s, is the Inner District’s top cop.

Captain of the Inner District’s Peace Enforcers, Maya’s sporty, lithe, swift but fucking tough as old goat’s knees. Maya also happens to be heir to the District’s throne. Her mission is that Maya must learn to curb her enthusiasm as top cop while adapting herself to the delicate protocols of the monarchy.

KAI is Maya’s lover, in his late 20s.

An unsung hero on the District’s political landscape but has aspirations for high office which he hopes to achieve through his connection to Maya and the Royal Family.

AXEL is the King’s viceroy

Intimately involved with the inner workings of the District’s affairs and a loyal member of Court, although with a slight agenda… which at this point can be anything you think it is. We’re looking for actors who can play crafty, magnetically-alluring, persuasive — but underhanded — well.


ROUND 1 – 22nd September to 3rd October CASTING CALL:

Post the link to your showreel with a short blurb about yourself and why you want to be part of this project publicly here.

Why are we asking you to post your application at our comments section in our current crowdfunding campaign? It’s because we’re in a competition where Google will double up the raised funds up to 10K EUR in case we reach our funding goal AND if our so-called “GoGo Factor” is high. “GoGo Factor” is determined by the number of comments, the volume and number of funders, the number of content updates, etc. – basically the buzz we can create around our campaign. Help us create that needed buzz and spread the word so we can reach — and exceed — our funding goal so we can pay you and fly in as many of your fellow actors as we can.


PS1 – Post your reel on our Fanpage wall, too:

PS2 – Tweet about The Inner District (We made it 100% simple for you. CLICK:

ROUND 2 – 3rd — 12th October ONLINE AUDITIONS:

We will contact 10 prospects on October 4th for each lead role and ask them to participate in our online audition. You’ll get a scene you have to act out.

Curious what to expect? Check out your scene summaries here:




Prospects should record their segments on any medium and:

  • upload it to YouTube and/or Vimeo.
  • tag it with their name and contact details.
  • post the link here.

Quality is irrelevant. Just ensure your submission is audible because there’s nothing worse than a well-acted piece that can’t be heard…

ROUND 3 – 22nd October to 31st of December FINAL SELECTION:

Final selections for our Maya prospect(s) will be made by October 22nd.

The winner will be flown to Berlin, Germany (from anywhere) where she will be accommodated and fed. We will shoot a pre-release webisode with you to determine if you are the Maya for the full feature (and worst case scenario you score a free trip to Berlin).

For each additional 1000 EUR we overshoot our crowdfunding target of 2500 EUR, we will do exactly the same thing for Kai, Axel, up to a maximum of six (2 Mayas, 2 Kais, and 2 Axels).

We have other incentives planned for you as well, to be triggered once we inspect your clips and reels and come to a final decision.




By submitting, you agree that we might post your video on our website, at our Facebook fanpage, at our crowdfunding campaign page at Indiegogo, and/or at any other social media outlet related to ‘The Inner District.


Every tweet, post, euro, and any publicity helps ensure our dream will become reality by early 2014 :)



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3 Responses to “The Inner District needs you! Talent Search 2012!”

  • Hello, I tried to post a comment on your page about the auditions but it’s not showing up publicly. Let me know if you’d like more information regarding these auditions.

  • Detroit-Actor, Model, Musician, Production Specialist, ,Spokesperson and Fitness/Massage professional has appeared in several films, commercials, industrial’s, national & international magazines; national auto show tours with Ford, General Motors and related speaking engagements.

    As an actor, Alex came into recognition portraying Marvin Gaye in the Grammy Award Winning Movie ‘Standing in the Shadows of Motown’, featured drummer with Rick James on “ The David Chappelle Show”, a starring role in the theater production “Shades of War”, supporting roles on ‘The Guiding Light’ and roles with the American Ballet Theater.

    His Fitness and massage related interest has taken him from Chicago to Miami and from the Bahamas to Germany.
    Alex earned most of his acting credentials at the Detroit Repertory Theatre, earned a B.A. in Communications and a Masters in Public Administration.

    He enjoys active sports, world travel; film, TV and Stage production, tour and travel coordinating, entertaining, coaching, and volunteering his time to mentor youth.

    Halo und Wie Gehts! I am Alex

    I choose this project and the role of Axel,because its the essence of sci-fi,reality,overachieving and society-who’s to say we are not still living behind invisible walls,with Rulers in our own countries! .You have to set higher goals in this industry and do things differently with purpose and passion-i once lived in Bavaria,where i explored the social/ political landscapes of the country,so to be able to learn more about the film & script by returning to Germany would be challenging and rewarding.

    Who is Alex Alexander:

    (Model Contest Promo-Music Video) 1:00
    (US released Tourism commercial ) :30 sec (Spokesperson Commercial) :30 sec

    (Massage Promo Video) :30 sec

    (Doctor, giving patient sad news) 1:45 sec

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